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Timothy Edson Doctoral Student, Doctoral Teaching Fellow


Timothy Edson,  Ph.D was accepted into the University of Massachusetts Lowell Criminology & Justice Studies Ph.D. program in the fall of 2012. He was awarded his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice & Criminology in May 2011 and his Master of the Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology in May 2012, both from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He is also a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Lowell Honors Program. 

Timothy’s research focus during his doctoral studies included the topics of policing, victim studies, conflict theory, and program evaluation. His dissertation, entitled Arrest Warrant Apprehension: Examining Characteristics of Expediency Using a Multilevel Approach was defended on December 1st, 2014. Timothy has presented his research at several major conferences, including the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology. He has also been working collaboratively with faculty members and fellow doctoral students to have some of this research published.

Timothy is currently employed as a research and policy analyst for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.