Climate Change Education Resources

cool science logoUnderstanding the science of climate change is important to adults and students alike. The web is rich in information about climate change, but the quality of information can be inconsistent. The following government websites are all very high quality and represent excellent first steps towards learning about climate change.

Climate Change Science Resources
  • Climate Literacy (NOAA) - This site is rich in scientific content and additional resources, but may be a little technical for some.
  • Climate Choices (NRC) - This site is very new and greatly influenced the Cool Science’s three main questions. The short videos are an excellent presentation of specific climate change science concepts. 
  • Global Climate Change (NASA) - The NASA site is vast and offers something for just about everyone with regards to climate change including research efforts, earth sciences, teaching resources, and videos.
  • Climate Warming Flash Cards - Great interactive site that has a virtual version of flash cards for learning climate related concepts.
  • Big Kid Science Books: The Wizard Who Saved the World - This book combines a young person's narrative with deeper climate change topics for learners of all ages.
  • Heating the Earth with Global Warming - Check out this great resource that covers many topics related to climate change and provides links to further reading!