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Catch Basin Stenciling

What is the UMass Lowell Catch Basin Stenciling/Marking Program?

stencilsUMass Lowell has established a Catch Basin Stenciling/Marking Program where University staff and student volunteers can stencil a message next to catch basins or install storm drain markers reminding people not to dump anything down the storm drains. Catch basin stenciling/marking sends a clear message to all University employees, faculty and students to keep trash, debris, leaf litter and pollutants out of the storm drainage system.

This program increases awareness of stormwater pollution and stewardship of the environment throughout the University populace. The program discourages illegal dumping into catch basins on University campuses, which helps protect the water quality of the Merrimack River.

How Can You Help?

UMass Lowell recruits volunteers among staff and students to help with this program. The ultimate goal as outlined in the University’s SWMP is to establish a program where up to 50 catch basins are stenciled/marked per year and where all catch basins on the University campuses are stenciled/marked within five years.

To volunteer or to obtain information on UMass Lowell’s Catch Basin Stenciling/Marking Program, please call 978-934-3131.