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Undergraduate Admissions Policies

Programs for Students Matriculated at other Colleges and Universities

Visiting Students

Students who are matriculated for degrees at associate or baccalaureate institutions may be admitted to the university to pursue specifically authorized courses. Such students are admitted to the university on a semester-by-semester basis and must secure prior approval for university courses from appropriate authorities at institutions where their degrees will be granted. Students can enroll in up to 11 credits per semester and up to a maximum of 15 credits overall. Permission to enroll in courses of the university will not be granted to students without a letter from an appropriate officer of the institution in which they are matriculating which certifies that they are candidates for a degree and are in good academic standing. Courses of a professional nature may not be elected by non-matriculating students of the university unless specifically authorized by the appropriate college dean. Registration for courses will occur the first week of the semester after matriculated students have had the opportunity to register.