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Undergraduate Admissions Policies

Dual Enrollment Program for High School Students

The Massachusetts Dual Enrollment Program was established by the Education Reform Act of 1993. The program provides qualified high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to take courses at public colleges and universities and thus earn both high school and college credit. Participants in this program are required to have a high school GPA of 3.0 or better and be recommended by their high school principal or guidance counselor. Dual Enrollment students must file an application with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and submit high school transcripts, along with a parental signature and a guidance counselor signature allowing them to take classes on campus. Dual enrollment students are limited to enrolling in 1000 and 2000 level courses. The university reserves the right to decline admittance to students on the basis of academic ability. Students are financially responsible for all Dual Enrollment Courses.