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Undergraduate Deferral Policy

Undergraduate Deferral Policy

A student may request a deferment of enrollment up to one year beyond the date when he or she was scheduled to begin his or her undergraduate program. If the one-year time period is exceeded, the student must submit a new application and application fee. The deferral must be requested before the start of the semester for which the student was originally accepted.

Students admitted to the Nursing program are not permitted to defer admission but may defer an application for re-evaluation for a future fall term. We do not permit Nursing students to defer an application to the spring semester.

Students admitted to the Nursing program for the Fall 2020 semester only, will be allowed to defer their admission for one year, to the Fall 2021 semester. We are unable to defer Nursing students to the spring semester. Please note, Nursing students cannot complete any coursework during their gap year. Students who take courses will not be permitted to enroll in the Nursing program.

Students who defer their application and have a change in their educational history must be re-evaluated based on the new grades and coursework.

Students are responsible for communicating any updates to their application, including, but not limited to: educational history, disciplinary history, and biographical information, when requesting a deferral.

Request a deferment.