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Full Time Students, Faculty, Staff & Adjunct Faculty

Full-time UMass Lowell students, faculty, staff and adjunct faculty are considered members of the Campus Recreation Center on East Campus and Riverview Fitness Center on South Campus at no additional cost. A valid student or staff ID (UCARD) is needed to gain admittance into either location.


Membership Monthly 6-Month 1-Year Fall Winter Spring Summer
Full (18+) $40* $200 $300 - - - -
Master' (55+) $35* $150 $200 - - - -
Young Alumni - - $250 - - - -
Part-Time / Continuing Ed - - - $100 - $100 $100
MCC Student - - - $100 - $100 $100
Non-UMass Lowell College Student - - - - $40 - $100

* Monthly memberships require an automatic monthly credit card withdrawal, a 2-month minimum and a 30-day notice required to cancel.

Membership FAQ

  • Refunds are not given once a membership is purchased and we do not prorate memberships if you wish to cancel. Please select the right term membership that suits you best.
  • When the University closes due to snow, the CRC typically has a delayed opening at 10 a.m. and closes at our regularly scheduled time. Important facility updates will be posted to our main website page.  You can also get these alerts sent directly to you if you follow our Twitter handle.
  • For more important information on our hours and programs, please become a fan of Campus Recreation on Facebook.


A CRC member (host) can bring up to two guests into the Campus Recreation Center each day. A $10 guest fee is required for each guest and they must present a valid picture ID showing they are 18 years or older. We will keep the host and guest(s) ID's at our Welcome Desk until they exit the CRC.

The host must accompany their guests at all times. A host takes full responsibility for his/her guest's actions and are also responsible for conveying our facility policies to their guest(s). Upon the host departing from the facility, the guest must also depart the facility. Guests can re-enter the facility with their host during the date of purchase if they bring their receipt and valid ID.


  • All CRC members (except part-time/continuing ed and MCC Student members) have access to park in the CRC Lot, East Campus Garage and the Perkins Street Lot on East Campus. Eligible Members will receive a parking hang tag to display in their rear view mirror.
  • There are 10 designated parking spots in the CRC lot that are reserved for our eligible CRC members Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Please Note: Purchasing a membership does not guarantee a parking spot, just the access to park in the designated lots when available. There are instances where the lots will be closed for University events or programs. To view parking lots our eligible members have access to park in, please visit the UMass Lowell Maps website.

All Members (except part-time/continuing ed, MCC student members & non-UMass Lowell college student members) interested in using Costello Pool can request additional parking access on their CRC ID for the Riverside Lot B on North Campus near the pool. If you would like this access added to your CRC ID card, simply contact us! Please refer to the a title="Facilities" href="">online pool calendar for current open pool hours.

 Full Membership (18+) Eligibility Requirements

  • UMass Lowell Alumni and immediate family members of UMass Lowell alumni who are 18 years or older
  • Immediate family members 18 years or older of current UMass Lowell faculty, staff or students
  • University Approved Affiliates (i.e. LIRA, Aramark, Global Spectrum, 110 Canal St. Employees, MCC faculty/staff)

"Alumni" is classified as someone who has graduated and earned a degree from UMass Lowell. If you simply attended classes at UMass Lowell but did not graduate, you would not be eligible to purchase a membership. "Immediate family members" are defined as: Spouses, parents, children or siblings who live in the same house.

 Young Alumni Membership Eligibility Requirements

Alumni of UMass Lowell who have graduated within the past 5 years are eligible to purchase this 1-year membership to the Campus Recreation Center for $250. This is $50 cheaper than our 1-year full membership option. If a young alumni wishes to sign up for the monthly or 6-month membership option, they must purchase these options under our Full Membership option.

part-time / continuing education ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS

Part-time and continuing education students (who do not pay the full-time activity fees) may purchase a CRC membership for $100 on a trimester basis. Parking is not included. Membership dates are as follows:

  • Fall Semester: September 1 - December 31
  • Spring Semester: January 2 - May 31
  • Summer: June 1 - August 31


Current students from Middlesex Community College are eligible to purchase this membership on a trimester basis to the CRC. A valid MCC Student ID is required.  Parking is not included. Membership dates are as follows:

  • Fall Semester: September 1 - December 31
  • Spring Semester: January 2 - May 31
  • Summer: June 1 - August 31

master's Membership (55+) Eligibility requirements

Community members 55 years and older are eligible for this membership. Master's members can only enter the CRC weekdays between 6:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.  There are no access restrictions to the CRC during our weekend operating hours.  Master's members also have access to Costello Pool during open swim times before 1pm.

 Non-UMass Lowell College Student membership requirements

Students from other colleges and universities may purchase this membership during our winter and summer breaks. These students must provide a valid college ID from their current university to purchase this membership.