Welcome to Tridion Content Management Training website. Please email webcontent@uml.edu to be added to the training list.

In order to request training, please include: 

  • Your name, uml email and the web address of the website you wish to edit. 
  • Approval in the form of email etc. from your Director/Associate Director/Manager etc. granting you access to edit the website (please specify which website) and take Tridion training. 
  • We recommend having at least two people trained for each department. Please send the name, email and permission for anyone else who also wants to take the training with you. 
  • Once you are cleared to edit the website and added to the list you’ll receive an invitation from Hichame_Asrary@uml.edu with a list of available dates and times.

Training seats are limited and happen Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 5 p.m. Prior to the training, the availability must be confirmed with Hichame_Asrary@uml.edu.