The Web Development & Experience team plans, designs and implements digital tools and products used by members of the UMass Lowell community every day. The team oversees the site and a host of digital applications.
Responsible for:
  • Developing, designing and administering the university’s primary marketing and communications tool:  
  • Managing the following web building, monitoring and enhancement enterprise systems:
    • Content Management
    • Search
    • Email Marketing
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Analytics
    • Accessibility
    • Quality Assurance
    • Training and 
    • Cloud Web Services.
  • Creating websites, custom web and mobile applications, evites, presentations and forms.  
  • Building and designing user experiences, graphics, and UMass Lowell’s overall online presence.
  • Adhering to web standards, best practices, accessibility and a seamless experience on all platforms and devices.