HawkCraft - UMass Lowell's Official Minecraft Server

  • Get a sneak peek into UML’s virtual world!

    Credit: Sam Kelly & Victor Chen

Let's Build Something Together!

UML Minecraft was created by students for students. This is a great way to connect with old friends, make new connections, and help create our very own virtual UMass Lowell campus.

How To Connect

UMass Lowell Minecraft server image of Pawtucket St Bridge, Great North Canal.

Pawtucket Street Bridge, Great North Canal

The UMass Lowell Minecraft Server

Connecting to the Server:

  1. Purchase the Java edition of Minecraft if you do not already have it.
  2. After purchasing the game and downloading the launcher, simply hit “play” on the launcher.
  3. Once the game has launched, you can join the server by selecting “Multiplayer” and then “Quick Connect”, and entering the Server Address of: hawkcraft.uml.edu
  4. Once you join you’ll need to verify that you have a UMass Lowell email by opening the game chat and typing your email address
  5. You will then receive a verification email. Enter the code that you received to your email into the game chat.
  6. You should now have access to the UML Minecraft Server.