Anxiety is a normal human emotion which people feel in response to stress and uncertainty. Small amounts of anxiety are normal and healthy. For some individuals, anxiety can become overpowering. Symptoms that are often associated with anxiety include rapid heart palpitations, chest pain or discomfort, dizziness, sweating, trembling or shaking and cold, clammy hands. Students may also complain of difficulties concentrating, feeling "on edge" or being too fearful to take action. In rarer cases, a student may experience a panic attack in which the physical symptoms occur spontaneously and intensely in such a way that the student may fear that they are dying.

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Let them discuss their feelings and thoughts.Minimize the situation to which the student is reacting.
Offer calm reassurance.Take responsibility for their emotional state.
Submit a STARs report if you believe additional outreach would be beneficial.Overwhelm them with information or ideas to "fix" their condition.

Content adapted and with permission from the University of Kentucky Counseling Center.