UMass Lowell (UML) Tips for Student Feedback on Instruction (SFI)


Get detailed instructions on how to have students complete the survey in class.

Did you know that response rates are generally higher when faculty actively promote and discuss course evaluations with their students? Instructors can influence response rates by:

  • Mentioning evaluations to students as soon as surveys open
  • Informing students about the purpose of evaluations
  • Explaining how you use their feedback
  • Providing some specific examples of useful feedback, and how you have improved the course/pedagogy in response


Giving constructive criticism is a valuable skill to cultivate, and one you should practice when completing course evaluations, especially in an open response question. Students can ensure feedback on instruction is useful by following these suggestions:

  • Be specific and provide specific examples of your observations
  • Describe how the instructor’s behavior or elements of the course affect your learning
  • Offer balanced comments
  • Be respectful and avoid comments that are derogatory or reflect bias (based on race, gender, religion, etc.) toward faculty or others