Fall 2023 Biology Colloquium Schedule

  • Time: Fridays, 3-4 p.m.
  • Location: Olsen Hall Room 503 (or via Zoom on Nov. 17)

DateSpeaker & Topic
Sept. 8Peter Gaines, Dept. Chair, UMass Lowell (UML)
Meeting with Students
Sept. 15Faculty Bioblast:
A series of short presentations by UML Biology faculty
Sept. 22Philine Feulner Eawag (Swiss institute of Aquatic Sciences)
"Fish Evolutionary Genomics"
Sept. 29Marco LoPresti (Tuft University
"Shark immunology"
Oct. 6Rebecca Selden (Wellesley College)
"Marine ecology/fisheries and climate change"
Oct. 13Te-Wen Lo (Ithaca College)
"C. elegans as a model for FGF Receptor Tyrosine Kinase specificity"
Oct. 20Genevieve Kozak (UMass Dartmouth) "Epigenetic responses to reproducing in warming environments"
Oct. 27
Abdo Nouri (UMass Lowell Steinel Lab)
"Stickleback gut on chip" 
Nov. 3Patrick Skelly (Tufts SOVM)
"Molecular and Cellular Helminthology"
Nov. 10Lauren Fuess (Texas State University)
"Coral immunity"
Nov. 17Tania Rozario (University of Georgia)
"Tapeworm Host-parasite Interactionsn"
Dec. 1Alison Philbrook (Brandeis University)
"Cilia morphology regulates sensory neuron function in C. elegans"
Dec. 8Angela Alicea-Serrano (UMass Lowell & University of Akron)
"Spider silk at the air-water interface"