For Teachers & Students: Activities You Can Do At Home Or In The Classroom

Quote from Professor Marianna Maiaru

The KidWind Project

  • KidWind helps teachers and students explore the science and technology of a world powered by renewable energy in fun and interesting ways. There are online challenges, including a Wind Turbine Challenge and a Solar Structure Challenge, and loads of activities you can do in the classroom with your friends!

Coffee Cup Turbine Project

  • The members of the WindSTAR Center are committed to providing educational demonstrations for teachers and students alike. For example, with a single-use paper coffee cup and a handful of other materials, students can explore the effect of turbine blade twist, taper, and chord on small wind turbine performance.

What if We Could Repair Wind Turbines with Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science?

  • Prof. Marianna Maiaru answers this question and many more in her collaboration with Futurum. In this publication you will learn about how to become a wind energy engineer and and what it's like to be a student in the field.

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