The mission of the Center for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (SCyPS) is to develop high-impact solutions to key challenges in heterogeneous distributed cyber-physical systems that support emerging smart society, data-centric applications. By taking an interdisciplinary approach with a team of science and engineering researchers, SCyPS commits to increasing cyber-physical system reliability and scalability, improving resource utilization, and guaranteeing system security and privacy. SCyPS will engage industry and community partners to meet their needs while training students and building the future workforce.


The Center for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (SCyPS) will establish itself as an internationally recognized center for research and education focused on innovation, evaluation, and optimization of hardware and software technologies for an advanced, smart society. 


Associate Prof. Sukesh Aghara talking to two students somehwere inside the Nuclear Reactor.


The SCyPS Center will become the hub of research and innovation on smart cyber physical systems addressing challenges in healthcare, transportation and energy. SCyPS brings together a unique multidisciplinary team of experts in networking, data security, high performance computing, advanced communications, robotics, digital health care, power and nuclear engineering, and smart and connected transportation to create an environment that fosters and encourages collaboration on research central to the safety, efficiency, performance, and innovation of smart cyber-physical systems.
Assoc. Prof. Yan Luo with student in the lab

Student Development and Training

The SCyPS Center focuses on the education and development of students and postdoctoral researchers, providing hands-on training and an immersive environment to meet the demand for a skilled, innovative workforce of tomorrow. PhD graduates and postdocs from SCyPS will experience professional growth opportunities and will be prepared to secure prominent positions in academic institutions and research labs in major companies.
 Vinod Vokkarane chats with a colleague at the opening of the Raytheon-UMass Lowell Research Institute.

Industry and Community Engagement

The SCyPS Center will work collaboratively with industry partners to share ideas and conduct high-impact research to meet the evolving needs of industry sectors. By cultivating a symbiotic relationship, industry members will have the opportunity to proactively contribute to the success and path of the center while gaining access to talented, skilled students as co-ops, interns and employees.