Center for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems Revolutionizing Smart Society Capabilities, Security and Resiliency.

Our nation’s infrastructure is made up of many smart cyber-physical systems that serve as the backbone of the nation's economy, security, and health. The evolution of cyber technology has led to a rapid dependence of almost all industry sectors on fast networks connected to instrumentation, control systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices which receive, integrate, and transmit large amounts of information.

The Center for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (SCyPS) works to facilitate interdisciplinary research to develop high-impact, practical solutions to the challenges we currently face as these complex systems continue to integrate computation and physical processes. By enhancing capabilities, protecting data and evaluating and optimizing technologies, SCyPS will support a connected, smart yet resilient society. SCyPS will start by focusing in three core areas: healthcare, transportation, and energy/power.