Please note that several of the original Yale-CMU-Berkeley (YCB) objects are no longer available and have been replaced. All changes are logged in the YCB Object Set Versions Google document as different versions of each object.

Changes include objects like the coffee can, pitcher, spatula, skillet, power drill, and mini soccer ball. Please refer to the linked document for the most up-to-date changes. The replacement objects may not have corresponding 3D models in the dataset. The replacements were chosen based on availability and similarly in dimensions and visual appearance. Note that the labels on some food products may vary slightly from product to product, but we do our best to reduce this variation.

The price of the YCB object set is $1400 USD which includes the cost of the objects and operational costs for labor to maintain our stock, source materials, manage and fulfill orders, etc. Shipping is calculated separately per order. Additionally, for international orders, there will also likely be duties/customs/VAT costs, which can range between $50-450 depending on where it is shipping, which you will have to handle on your own.

Use this form to request a quote for receiving a YCB Object Set from YCB Benchmarks - Object and Model Set, provided by the UMass Lowell NERVE Center. After this form is submitted, you will be contacted within 1-2 weeks to provide further information such that a quote and estimated shipping cost can be calculated. When the quote is issued, additional information will be provided regarding lead time and instructions to submit payment.
If you are looking for the object models (i.e., meshes, point clouds, images) they can be downloaded here: YCB Object Models.

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