At the NERVE Center, we have mobility, manipulation, and sensor test methods replicated from NIST, indoor water test areas designed in collaboration with the Army, and NERVE designed test courses and scenarios. The test courses can be used for measuring robot capabilities, training end users and operators, and demonstrations to potential funders or procurement. Apparatuses fall into one of four suites:
  • Terrain
  • Obstacles
  • Dexterity
  • Water
  • Other
To see our courses in person, you can attend one of our upcoming open house and social events, or e-mail to schedule a private tour for your company or organization.

Operational Scenarios

The NERVE Center's 9,000 square foot testing area allows for a wide variety of operational scenario set ups. A series of courses and apparatuses can be chained together to simulate indoor and outdoor environments, collapsed buildings, and more. False walls can be set up to make rooms and hallways for searching.
Scenarios are very useful for operational testing of a robot and to train operators how to effectively control a robot. Experiments can be run with human-subjects, autonomous behaviors can be tested; there are countless possibilities.
If you have a scenario you would like to run at the NERVE Center please e-mail and we will design a layout to fit your needs.

Examples of some scenario set ups

  • scenario map 1
  • scenario map 2
  • scenario map 3
  • scenario map 4