110 Canal St., 4th Floor

  • Enabling effective therapeutic intervention for infectious diseases with a novel class of rapid, simple and inexpensive diagnostics.

  • Gel4Med is a developmental stage company focused at utilizing its biosynthetic materials platform technology as a first-in-class modality in solving unmet clinical needs for soft tissue repair and regenerative medicine. In 2023, the company anticipates launching its first clinical stage product line directed at biosurgery in wound care.

  • Pykus Therapeutics is a medical device company developing a revolutionary biodegradable, retinal sealant designed to allow patients to recover from surgery without facedown positioning or blurred vision.

  • Versatope is developing a universal influenza vaccine and cancer therapeutics by using recombinant extracellular transport vesicle (RET-Vs) technology.

  • Young BioPharma is a unique nature-based drug discovery company dedicated to fighting opioid crisis and discovering safe and efficacious non-opioid medicines for chronic pain treatment.

  • Amorphex is in clinical stage development of our topical ophthalmic drug delivery platform to replace eye drops for diseases such as glaucoma and myopia.

  • AltrixBio is a preclinical biopharma that has developed LuCI™ AJN 003, a novel oral solution, for luminal targeting in Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Tandem Repeat uses synthetic biology to deliver sustainable, non-polluting fibers and coatings for industries from fashion to filtration.

  • myBiometry is developing a life changing solution for people with asthma that can identify risk of an attack up to 20 days before it happens.

  • Decoy Therapeutics: engineering broad acting antiviral peptide conjugates that target the viruses of today and preemptively protect against the viruses of tomorrow.

Wannalancit Mills, 600 Suffolk St Suite 250

  • Ending medicines fifty-year search for a regenerative bone adhesive, RevBio plans to transform the field of bone repair.

  • Glyscend is a clinical-stage biotech company pioneering a novel polymer drug platform that targets the gut wall to modulate metabolic & immune-mediated diseases.

  • Advanced Silicon Group is a working to commercialize silicon nanowire biosensors in order to improve the health and medical care of all people.

  • Amulet is shining a light on invisible threats in our food system. Amulet has two core brands: Allergy Amulet helps consumers determine whether their foods contain potentially life-threatening ingredients; Amulet Scientific provides businesses and manufacturers with tools to help ensure the safety of their food supply chain.

  • Cx Therapeutics is developing a medical device for cervical insufficiency, which is a serious complication of pregnancy leading to preterm birth.
  • Develop natural and sustainable solutions to improve animal health to better nourish and provide food security to the people on our planet... at fraction of the cost.

  • EnVision Endoscopy is a medical device startup dedicated to addressing the clinical needs for endoscopic surgeries with innovative solutions. Their mission is to provide best solution that helps patients, providers, payers, and policymakers. With a track record of innovation and launching innovative medical devices, their team is dedicated to improve patient’s lives and reduce cost of healthcare with less invasive endoluminal endoscopic procedures.