$200k Challenge

The $200K Challenge is an annual start-up competition hosted by M2D2 which kicks off at the beginning of each year focused on identifying and rewarding disruptive companies in the medical technology and biotechnology industries. You can learn more about this competition by visiting the dedicated $200k Challenge website.

Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

M2D2 is affiliated with the BARDA DRIVe network, which provides funding to early-stage companies focused on developing life-saving innovations. To gain a deeper understanding of this program, you can visit our dedicated BARDA page, which offers comprehensive information. To obtain further details, you can reach out to Alexei Teague by email at: alexei_teague@uml.edu.


IMPACT is a 12-week accelerator program that aims to advance early-stage companies looking to reshape the future of healthcare. Learn more about IMPACT through 2022 M2D2 IMPACT report (pdf).

Barracuda Bowl

In the annual Barracuda Bowl event resembling "Shark Tank," esteemed life sciences investors and influencers will pose challenging inquiries to entrepreneurs.