Faculty in the Center for Renewable Energy research applications in transportation, power systems, security and safeguards.  Transportation applications including railroads, bridges, and tunnels with focus on sensing, measurement, monitoring and control are part of our civil engineering research. Applications in the power systems with focus on power electronics, control stability and dynamics of power systems, and renewable energy modeling and integration are part of our electrical engineering research. Detector response characterization for nuclear security and safeguards applications, radiation shielding analysis are part of our chemical engineering research.

Research Highlights

Asst. Prof. Yuzhang Lin of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering was recently awarded a five-year, $500,000 faculty early-career development (CAREER) grant by the National Science Foundation to conduct a study that will help better predict and visualize power distribution capacity and consumers’ power demand in real time. Read the article: Electrical Engineering Professor Wins $500K NSF CAREER Award.

    • The Integrated Nuclear Security and Safeguards Laboratory aims to promote the development of research, education and training tools that support a wide range of global nuclear security and safeguards objectives.
    • The research from the S&H Fusion Research Group directed by Thanuka Wickramarathne primarily falls under the umbrella of multi-sensor data fusion (MSDF) or data fusion. They focus on developing novel data fusion with a particular emphasis on the use of ubiquitous sensing and computing for situational awareness applications, both in defense and civilian domains.
    • Yuzhang Lin - power grid modeling and monitoring, renewable energy integration, cyber-physical resilience, and machine learning 
    • Thanuka Wickramarathne - multi-sensor data fusion, situational awareness, energy optimal driving