Faculty in the Center for Renewable Energy actively work on cyber security for energy applications. They research and support the analysis of architectures and protocols for ultra-high-speed networks, grid and cloud networks, smart grid modeling, monitoring, forecasting, cyber-physical security. In particular with Nuclear energy, faculty provide support to IAEA and U.S. Department of State on threat assessment of cyber and physical security vulnerability to nuclear and radiological material and facilities.  

    • Yuzhang Lin - cyber-physical resilience, data analytics, cyber attack detection and post-attack restoration for power grid
    • Sukesh Aghara - cyber-physical testbed, modeling and simulation of energy systems response study from cyber intrusions
    • Orlando Arias - hardware security, hardware-software co-design, embedded security, microarchitectural security
    • Vinod Vokkarane - design, analysis, and modeling of architectures, protocols, and algorithms for ultra-high speed networks, such as optical networks, grid/cloud networks, big-data networks, and green networking