Carework Virtual Symposium

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has had transformative impacts in the world of care, some negative and some positive. The Carework Network is organizing a three-day virtual symposium to bring together carework researchers from across disciplines and across the globe. The centerpiece of the symposium will be a series of three Scholars-in-Dialogue sessions, a novel format that will feature established care scholars discussing selected papers from innovative scholars at all levels. In addition to the Scholars-in-Dialogue sessions, the symposium will include three interactive workshops. The goal of these workshops is to provide a forum for practical hands-on discussions of the nitty gritty of research and publishing in the care field.

You can see more details and register online via the Carework Virtual Symposium website.

Announcing a New Series from Rutgers University Press

We are pleased to announce a new book series from three Carework Network Steering Committee Members, Mignon Duffy, Amy Armenia and Kim Price-Glynn, "Carework in a Changing World."

The rise of scholarly attention to care has accompanied greater public concern about aging, health care, child care and labor in a global world. Research on care is happening across disciplines – in sociology, economics, political science, philosophy, public health, social work and others – with numerous research networks and conferences developing to showcase this work. Care scholarship brings into focus some of the most pressing social problems facing families today. To study care is also to study the future of work, as issues of carework are intertwined with the forces of globalization, technological development and the changing dynamics of the labor force. Care scholarship is also at the cutting edge of intersectional analyses of inequality, as carework is often at the very core of understanding gender, race, migration, age, disability, class and international inequalities.

We seek books that use a carework perspective and engage with the carework literature to examine the following specific topics (among others):

  • paid carework, workers, and workplaces including education, health care, social service, nonresidential care, and households/domestic work
  • relationships between care recipients and care givers (paid and/or unpaid)
  • unpaid carework in families and communities
  • care in a global context, including migration and care chains
  • policy and activism related to carework, workers, and families
  • theoretically engaged work related to the ethics or politics of care
  • studies of technology and care
  • scholarship on family or paid work that expands the boundaries of care theory/scholarship (e.g. personal service workers like nail salon technicians)

About the Series Editors

The editors are carework scholars and steering committee members for the Carework Network, an international organization of researchers, policymakers, and advocates involved in various domains of carework. Mignon Duffy is Associate Professor of Sociology at UMass Lowell and a co-editor, with Amy Armenia and Clare L. Stacey of Caring on the Clock: The Complexities and Contradictions of Paid Care. Amy Armenia is a Professor of Sociology at Rollins College. Kim Price-Glynn is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Connecticut and a contributor to Caring on the Clock./p>

Authors interested in contributing to this book series should send an extended abstract of no more than two pages to Peter Mickulas at for consideration. Any other questions can be directed to the editors via email:, email: and email: