Spring 2023

2nd Annual CPRT Symposium

Fall 2022

October 12, 2022 - CPRT Open Seminar

Gregory Chiklis, Ph.D., CEO MRN Diagnostics
"The Transformation of Diagnostic Testing from the Reference Laboratory to the Bedside During the Covid Pandemic"

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 4 p.m.:

A lot has changed with the pandemic and our industry has made a major shift towards self-administered diagnostic tests. In this talk, Chiklis will examine the new technologies that make this possible, pros and cons of untrained user testing, universal testing access, and the effect of these tests on managing the spread of the virus.

Chiklis will be happy to discuss with students about internship and career opportunities in diagnosis industries.

Learn more on the MRN Diagnostics website.

September 14, 2022 - CPRT Open Seminar

Kevin Outterson , J.D., LL.M, Executive Director, CARB-X
"Repairing the broken business model for antimicrobial R&D"

Professor Outterson teaches health care law at Boston University, where he co-directs the Health Law Program. He serves as the founding Executive Director and Principal Investigator for CARB-X, an >$800M international public-private partnership to accelerate global antibacterial innovation. Key partners in CARB-X include the US Government (BARDA & NIAID), the Wellcome Trust, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the UK Government (GAMRIF), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Professor Outterson’s research work focuses on the law and economics of antimicrobial resistance, particularly push and pull incentives for antimicrobials.

Learn more about Kevin Outterson on the CARB-X website

A student shows her research work poster to a fellow student Image by Kim Merriman

CPRT 2022 Winter Symposium

The Center for Pathogen Research and Training hosted the CPRT 2022 Winter Symposium on January 11, 2022. The symposium took place virtually on Zoom, where faculty members, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students participated in an exciting day of presentations, poster sessions, networking, and roundtable discussions on research collaborations.