Tao (Tony) Gao is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at UMass Lowell.

Dr. Tao (Tony) Gao

Associate Professor

Manning School of Business
Marketing Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(978) 934-5236
Pulichino Tong Business Center - 236
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Research Interests

Tony Gao conducts research on management of customer relationships, marketing innovations, and international marketing. He has published in Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Service Research, Thunderbird International Business Review, Multinational Business Review, Industrial Marketing Management, Business Horizons, and Journal of Advertising Research, among other journals.


  • BS: Industrial and Management Engineering, Hebei University of Technology - Tianjin, China
  • MS: System Analysis, Harbin Institute of Technology - Harbin, China
  • Ph D: Marketing, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Blacksburg, VA


Prior to joining the Manning School of Business, Tony served on the business school faculty of Northeastern University and had work experience with the China branch of Mitsubishi Corporation (a general trading company in Japan) in international trade and joint venture developments. Tony’s views on marketing, retailing, and international business issues have been quoted by media outlets such as BusinessWeek, Financial Times, Forbes, UPI, CIO, Consumer Digest, USA Today, and Boston Globe. A teaching innovation Tony has embraced in recent years is the integration of Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions into his various classes. Having gone through extensive CRM training himself, Tony is now a certified Salesforce Fundamentals Educator and holds industry-level certifications in Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud, Service Could, and Platform App Builder.

Selected Publications

  • Gao, T., McGinnis, L.P., Talay, B.B. (2022). How Consumers’ Top Dog Antipathy Influences Their Underdog Support: A Study of Boundary Conditions. AIMS International Journal of Management, 16(3) 135-151.
  • Gao, T. (2021). Plural Forms of Governance for International Strategic Alliances: Toward an Integrative Framework. International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 27(1) 32-50.
  • Obal, M., Gao, T. (2020). Managing Business Relationships during a Pandemic: Conducting a Relationship Audit and Developing a Path Forward. Industrial Marketing Management, 88(July 2020) 247-254.
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