Consortium for International Exchange, Leadership, and Opportunity

The Consortium for International Exchange, Leadership, and Opportunity (CIELO) is a network of UMass Lowell-affiliated individuals and organizations engaged in research, program development, and civic participation across a local-global continuum. Founded in Lowell, Massachusetts, one of the nation's first industrial towns, we draw inspiration from Lowell's history as a gateway city for migrant, immigrant, and refugee populations. Lowell's unfolding story intersects with many diversifying cities around the world that must thoughtfully and creatively manage change in rapidly globalizing contexts.

CIELO projects reflect a wide range of interests in global and international exchanges, broadly conceived, that occur in school, college, university, and community settings. Through our collaborations and initiatives, we respond to the vibrant opportunities and real-world challenges that exist as a result of globalization. CIELO areas of expertise include working with teachers, professors, school leaders, university administrators, language learners, community organizers, exchange fellows, and international students and scholars.

Through our vision and mission, CIELO members share a common belief in the value of studying individual, organizational, and community development through a local to global perspective. As a network initiated by faculty and staff at UMass Lowell, we also share a common commitment to advancing the mission of UMass Lowell's School of Education.