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Emi Aoki

Graduate Research Assistant

Francis College of Engineering
Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications (CACT), Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

Data Analysis, Data-Driven Computational Modeling, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, Applications of Machine Learning on Medical Imaging


  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts of Lowell
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Massachusetts of Lowell

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Dean’s Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement (May 2020 and May 2021)
  • Jeffery Cosiol International Merit Scholarship Endowment (Sep. 2019 – May 2020)
  • Dean’s List (Fall 2017 – Spring 2020)
  • International Academic Council Scholarship (Sep. 2017 – May 2020)

Selected Publications

Projects, Publications, Work and Other Activities

  • Arielle Joasil, Habibat Alimi, Sarah Simmons, Emi Aoki, and Kavitha Chandra, "A Survey and Classification of COVID-19 Open-Access Datasets." In preparation.

  • Jay Weitzen, Rachel Wakim, Joshua Watts, Emi Aoki, Sivly Lay, and Naye Yoni, "Improving the Accuracy and Quality of Wireless Coverage Measurements using Autonomous Drones and Wheeled Robots," IEEE COMCAS, 2019.

  • Graduate Research Assistant (Fall 2020 – Winter 2022):
    • Thesis Title: A Statistical Characterization of Covid-19 Infections Considering Population Density, Race and Ethnicity, and Age Groups as Covariates
    • Advisors: Prof. Kavitha Chandra and Charles Thompson
    • Investigate data-driven relationships between city-level geographic, demographic data and Covid-19 confirmed cases
    • Develop methods for presenting findings to a broader community to empower community mitigation strategies
    • Develop data collection algorithms using Python

  • Research Project (March 2021 – June 2021):
    • Advisor: Prof. Zhu Mao, Sponsored by NEC Laboratories America
    • Investigated the power line-induced vibration data using Python
    • Developed feature-based classification of utility pole

  • Research Project (Jan. 2020 – Jan. 2021):
    • Advisor: Prof. Zhu Mao
    • Investigated possible HoloLens applications such as a hollow wall detector using knocking sounds as input
    • Developed HoloLens applications (Unity 3D) to establish connection between HoloLens and Other devices (i.e., Android, MATLAB) for transferring data

  • Lab Grader (Fall 2019, Spring 2020):
    • Assisted Prof. Dohn Bowden and teaching assistants for EECE.3120 – Electronics II Laboratory
    • Punctually evaluated lab reports for 20-22 students per semester
    • Supported students in lab hours and open labs

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant (May 2018 – Dec. 2018):
    • Advisors: Prof. Jay Weitzen and Prof. Rachel Wakim
    • Collaboratively developed a post-processing software used to map an indoor wireless coverage
    • Performed software testing to detect errors