What is BPQC?

Biopharmaceutical Process and Quality Consortium (BPQC) is an interdisciplinary and multi-university research collaboration based on Massachusetts BioManufacturing Center at UMass Lowell.  With a close collaboration with biopharmaceutical manufacturers, system suppliers, and raw material providers, the consortium focuses on developing next generation biopharmaceutical process, platform manufacturing process, and PAT and QbD technologies.

BPQC's Vision

To develop and execute advanced technology for overcoming biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing challenges, and to provide a roadmap for next generation of biopharmaceutical industry.

BPQC's Strategy and Core Research Areas

Flexibility is the key to future of biopharmaceutical manufacturing.  Production plants should be able to manufacture various product types and address a wide range of commercial volumes.

To achieve the manufacturing flexibility, we will adopt a comprehensive research strategy.  Our approach will combine innovation and other technologies, and improvement in supply chain and plant designs, while integrating regulatory considerations to increase the cost-effectiveness of biopharmaceutical production.

Three core research areas are:

  • Platform Biopharmaceutical Infrastructure
  • New Operation Paradigms such as PAT, QbD and Batch Control
  • Next Generation Continuous Processing

BPQC will develop substantial and lasting partnerships with industries, universities and federal agencies.  These partnerships will enhance research and foster leadership to the benefit of all.

BPQC People

BPQC is operated by three separate groups:

  • Consortium Faculty Members
  • Consortium Steering Committee
  • Industry Advisory Board

For detailed information, contact the BPQC or e-mail us: BPQC@uml.edu.