Nicole Kelly is a Sustainability Coordinator at UMass Lowell.

Nicole Kelly

Sustainability Coordinator

820 Broadway Street


B.S.: Natural Resources, University of Connecticut


Nicole Kelly is the Sustainability Coordinator at UMass Lowell. Growing up in the Greater Lowell region, Nicole has experienced firsthand the growth, development, and transformation of UMass Lowell and the City of Lowell.

In August 2019, Nicole joined the UMass Lowell Office of Sustainability and has been involved with various projects spanning the realms of university sustainability reporting, the university's Urban Agriculture Program and energy initiatives. Nicole's role as sustainability coordinator has provided support to university Property and Asset Management, the UMass Lowell Sustainability Engagement & Enrichment Development Fund, community outreach and engagement, as well as continuing and developing local partnerships. Nicole oversees university waste and recycling operations on campus, coordinating with vendors and the team of sustainability student assistants to ensure responsible reuse and recycling practices.