Finding Roommates

It can be hard at times to find compatible roommates or to even know where to look. There are several ways that students can approach finding a roommate. 
  • Roommate Finder: You can create a roommate profile on our off-campus housing listing website. This will allow you to provide information about yourself and your lifestyle, and what you are looking for in a roommate and housing. To create a profile, can you visit and sign-in using your UML credentials. Once a profile has been created, you can view profiles of other UML students looking for roommates and housing in the area. 
  • Check with Your College: Your college might have student Facebook groups that you can join to connect with other students of your major. Call your college to ask if they have any sort of group or ways for students to connect.

What to Look for in a Compatible Roommate

When you choose roommates to live with off-campus, you are making an important decision about your living environment for the next academic year. You are also entering into a lease with shared financial responsibility. We recommend taking the time to have intentional discussions with your future roommates to ensure that you are all compatible. Topics that you may want to discuss before committing to a roommate include: 
  • Smoking preference
  • Cleanliness habits
  • Policies around visitors and overnight guests 
  • Number of roommates they want to live with 
  • Gender of roommate they want to live with 
  • Pet preferences