2023 Commencement Tassel

By Staff

For many River Hawks, UML feels like family.  For these graduates, their classmates really are family. Among the Class of 2023 are eight families who have multiple members earning UML degrees.

“We pushed each other very hard ... and it feels great to celebrate our accomplishments together.”

-  Twins Zarek '22, '23, left, and Tymon '22, '23 Nieduzak 
For identical twins Zarek and Tymon Nieduzak of Acton, Massachusetts, graduating from UMass Lowell at the same time is double the fun and excitement. The two earned their bachelor’s degrees from UML last year in plastics engineering and mechanical engineering, respectively, and will be receiving their master’s degrees in the same subjects at Commencement.

“It was fun to discuss our different case studies at the dinner table, with a million discussion board posts going on."

-  MBA student Atta Meer and his daughter, Khadija Mir 
A man and a young woman work on their laptops while sitting at a glass dining room table
Honors business administration major Khadija Mir and her dad, online MBA student Atta Meer, are graduating from UMass Lowell together this year.

“It was such a great opportunity to go through a lot of these harder classes at UMass Lowell together.”

-  Siblings Justin, 20, Jasmin, 18, and Martin Marwad, 22
Marwad siblings 1 Image by Brooke Coupal
At the age when most students are earning their high school diploma, 18-year-old Jasmin Marwad will be receiving two bachelor’s degrees. What makes the moment even more special is that she’ll be crossing the Commencement stage alongside her two older brothers, Martin, 22, and Justin, 20. 

“UMass Lowell has given us the space to grow as people while maintaining a close relationship.”

-  Triplets  Jillian, Sam and Chloe Tarlin
Triplets  Jillian, Sam and Chloe Tarlin
Jillian Tarlin knew she was missing something during her first year of college at another school. The Sandown, N.H., student missed her family, especially fellow triplets Sam and Chloe, so she transferred to UMass Lowell to study elementary education and reunite with her siblings and her mom, Lisa, who works in Graduate and Professional Studies.

“We were impressed that UMass Lowell is a high-ranking research university that provides an affordable education."

-  Tanimul Islam and wife Samia Binta Rahman
Tanimul Islam and Samia Binta
Married couple Samia Binta Rahman and Tanimul Islam were trained as medical doctors in Bangladesh, but decided to pursue their Master in Public Health degrees in epidemiology at UML, first online and finishing up on campus.

“I think it’s kind of cool. I’m happy I can do it with Diana.”

-  Two of four quads Collette and Diana Whitcomb
Collette, left, and Diana Whitcomb show off their matching grasshopper tattoos on the snowy South Campus quad Image by K. Webster
Diana and Collette Whitcomb are the female half of a set of quadruplets who all ended up at UMass Lowell. But the sisters from Saugus, Massachusetts, will “walk” before their brothers Andrew and Bryce do.

“Public health is the career for us, and UMass Lowell was the best place for us to earn our degrees.”

-  Twins Rachel '21 and Brenda '21 Mains 
Brenda and Rachel Mains
Twin sisters Brenda and Rachel Mains graduated with bachelor’s degrees from UML’s public health program in 2021, at the height of the pandemic. And now, after six years at the university, the sisters are looking forward to sharing the pomp and circumstance with family as they graduate from the Master of Public Health (MPH) program. Again, together. 

“If I found out about something on South Campus, I got my North Campus sisters to come join in on the fun, and vice versa.”

-  Sisters Eleanora and Regina Peters 
Eleanora Peters, wearing a UML School of Education shirt, and Regina Peters, wearing a Kennedy College of Sciences sweatshirt, frame the statue of Joan of Arc in Coburn Hall Image by K. Webster
The four oldest of six Peters children came one by one to UMass Lowell and joined the Honors College and the Catholic Student Union. They live at home and coordinate their class and work schedules so they can carpool. Now, the two oldest – Eleanora, 24, and Regina, 23 – are graduating from UMass Lowell together.