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Superintendents Gather on Campus

Area School Officials Discuss GSE Projects, District Needs

Thirty superintendents participated in roundtable discussions with faculty at the annual Superintendents’ Breakfast.


Superintendents from across the Merrimack Valley joined Graduate School of Education (GSE) Dean Anita Greenwood, administrators and faculty for the annual Superintendents’ Breakfast in January. The gathering was created for university and area school leaders to discuss ways to team up in teaching, learning and research partnerships. 

"Many superintendents are new to their positions, and the GSE has also welcomed new faculty during recent years, so this was a wonderful opportunity to network and learn from one another with the goal of forging new partnerships," says Greenwood, who has led GSE for 10 years. 

Chancellor Jacqueline Moloney and Provost Michael Vayda welcomed more than 30 superintendents and associate superintendents from 15 school districts. They discussed the importance of strong K-12 education and partnerships between the GSE and school districts. 

Assoc. Dean of Enrollment and Director of Undergraduate Admissions Kerri Johnston spoke about the growth of student enrollment and the no-test option, which doesn’t require the submission of standardized test scores for admission. Johnston noted that using the no-test option has brought strong students from local schools to the university. 

The format for the meeting included a series of roundtable discussions led by faculty: