invisWear co-founders CEO Rajia Abdelaziz and CTO Ray Hamilton celebrate their new partnership with security company ADT Image by invisaWear /Victoria Longtin
invisWear co-founders CEO Rajia Abdelaziz and CTO Ray Hamilton celebrate their new partnership with security company ADT, announced this past week. Under a new premium service plan, customers of Lowell-based invisaWear’s discreet personal safety devices will be able to access ADT’s security network for enhanced protection.

Lowell Sun
By Alana Melanson

LOWELL — Lowell-based invisaWear’s panic button jewelry was groundbreaking when it was launched three years ago, allowing wearers to discreetly call for help at the push of a button on a necklace, bracelet, keychain or other accessory.

Now, the business, co-founded by UMass Lowell graduates Rajia Abdelaziz and Ray Hamilton, has entered perhaps the most transformative partnership of its short but successful existence.

As of Wednesday, invisaWear is now partnering with ADT, one of the most well-known national security companies, bringing together ADT’s mobile safety platform and invisaWear’s wearable safety devices. ADT is also powering invisaWear’s companion app, giving users the option to discreetly connect with ADT by voice or SMS chat.

“We are so thrilled and elated to be backed by the number one name in security,” said Abdelaziz, CEO of invisaWear. “ADT is the most trusted name. So for them to be able to say they’ve given our products their stamp of approval and that they’ve quality assured our systems, and are handling all of our emergency calls, is incredible.”

“ADT and invisaWear have partnered to provide customers with a wearable safety device that is both stylish and discreet,” ADT Vice President of Mobile Security & Strategic Projects Leah Page said in a statement. “Customers now have more options than ever to stay safe on the go, backed by America’s most trusted security company.”

Abdelaziz said the partnership was driven by safety-conscious customers who would often reach out with thank-you messages telling the company they use ADT security at home to protect their loved ones, and were happy to have a device that would protect them when they’re out and about, as well.

She said invisaWear reached out to ADT to see if they might be interested in working together, and the “phenomenal” security company felt it was a great fit.

“It’s just such a dream come true,” Abdelaziz said.

Abdelaziz is most excited about the premium service invisaWear has just launched thanks to the partnership, which said “allows our products to protect people on a whole ‘nother level and give them personalized service.”

The service, which is $19.99 per month, allows users to access ADT’s security network of trained agents by double-tapping their invisaWear device at any time, she said.

“Let’s say you’re walking to your car alone at night, and you just want somebody on the line to stay with you until you feel safe. They can do that,” Abdelaziz said. “If you’re in the back of a rideshare, for example, and someone’s making you uncomfortable, you can take out your invisaWear ADT app and you can text an ADT agent who will be able to stay with you on the line and see your live location.”

She said it also has activity tracking, which allows users to be proactive about their safety. For example, if the wearer is going out for a run, they can set a timer for the length of the run and cancel it when they get back, Abdelaziz said.

“If you don’t cancel, ADT agents will call to check in on you and make sure you’re OK,” she said. “And if they can’t contact you for any reason, they’re able to notify 911 and your emergency contacts.”

Abdelaziz said invisWear had already sold tens of thousands of devices in just two years on the market, and now its reach will be expanded significantly as ADT promotes the partnership to its millions of customers across the nation. She said they’ve already seen a bump in sales since the announcement, and staff have been working around the clock to fill orders.

invisaWear has 10 direct employees in addition to working with many engineering, marketing and other contractors, Abdelaziz said. She said two new employees were hired last week to work in customer success, and she expects to welcome two additional shippers to the team in the next couple months.

The company is also frequently expanding its product line and creating new styles, Abdelaziz said. She said they recently launched a new fitness collection, featuring athletic arm bands in several colors that easily conceal the security charms.

To add to all of the excitement, Abdelaziz said invisaWear was also recently honored at the New England Innovation Awards, receiving first place for smart living and innovative tech solutions.

Such companies as iRobot and Kronos have been past winners, she said.

“We hope to reach similar success as the names that have won before us,” Abdelaziz said.

The invisaWear app with ADT-powered features is available for download on iOS, and Android version will be coming soon.

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