Dr. Fanglin Che with PhD student Saleh AhmatIbrahim
Dr. Fanglin Che with Ph.D. student Saleh AhmatIbrahim

By Sanjeev Manohar

Asst. Prof. Fanglin Che's collaborative research work on post-microwave plasma for methane and nitrogen conversion is published in the Catalysis Science and Technology Journal. Che is co-corresponding author with John Hu from West Virginia University.

Post-Microwave Plasma for methane and nitrogen conversion to ethylene and ammonia is becoming very important in sustainable chemical processing industry. This is an emerging technology in line with process intensification, which can reduce the transportation cost of abundant natural gas to the processing plants and convert it to useful products. This paper is a collaborative work between Fanglin Che (theory) from UMass Lowell and John Hu (experiment) from West Virginia University. Saleh AhmatIbrahim, Ph.D. student in Che’s group, is the co-first author of the paper and performed the DFT simulations for the post-plasma processes.

The article can be accessed online