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New Curriculum: Climate Impacts & Solutions with En-Roads

Introducing the new Climate Impacts and Solutions with En-ROADS curriculum module!
Introducing the new Climate Impacts and Solutions with En-ROADS curriculum module!


The Climate Impacts & Solutions with En-ROADS module is a new, free, multidisciplinary collaboration between The Climate Initiative (TCI) and the UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative (CCI). The module works with real-world data and an interactive simulation using Climate Interactive’s En-ROADS model to build high school students’ confidence to take evidence-based climate action. Using a solutions-focused perspective to explore the scientific causes and impacts of climate change, the module includes six lessons that can be adapted to suit your classroom’s needs.

The first lessons introduce climate change causes, impacts, and the En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator. En-ROADS is a fast, powerful simulation tool for understanding how we can achieve our climate goals through policy and action taken at a global level. The Climate Action Simulation facilitates interaction with En-ROADS through a role-play scenario of international leaders convened at a United Nations climate action summit. Following this activity, students will get a chance to debrief the simulation and channel their insights into the design of local action projects.

The Climate Impacts & Solutions module explains how we approach teaching climate change curriculum and allows the flexibility to meet the needs of your students and the time you have available to teach the material. We provide resources such as editable teacher presentations, example lesson plans, hands-on activities for students, and examples of videos and links to deliver a better understanding of the topic.