SDASL attended 38th International Modal Analysis Conference in February 2020 in Houston

Peter Avitabile and Chris Niezrecki
SDASL Co-Directors Peter Avitabile and Chris Niezrecki attended the conference.

By Amy Allen

The SDASL attended the 38th International Modal Analysis Conference in February 2020 in Houston. At the conference,  eight students presented 14 papers along with other papers and presentations by faculty. At the conference, many students and former alumni joined together as typically done every year. 

The SDASL always makes a significant set of presentations at this international conference every year. Many of the papers spanned a wide range of topics currently under development in the SDASL for funded and unfunded projects. Many of the conference attendees noted the high caliber of research and especially the quality student presentations at the conference. Below is the list with current UML SDASL students along with recent graduates, alumni and faculty.

Participating Students, Faculty and Alumni: 

  • Deborah Fowler (PhD candidate ’21)
  • Tim Marinone (ATA Engineering - BS/MS ’12)
  • Lou Thibault (MIT-LL BSMS ’12)
  • Yuanchang Chen (PhD ‘19)
  • Patrick Logan (PhD '20)
  • Matt Southwick (MS '20)
  • Julie Harvie (Vibes Technology - BSMS ’13)
  • Dagny Joffre/Beale (PhD ’19)
  • Chris Beale (PhD ’19)
  • Nick Valente (PhD candidate '23)
  • Dan Rohe (Sandia PhD candidate ’21)
  • Brandon Zwink (PhD ’20)
  • Tina Dardeno (PhD '20)
  • Ryan Schultz (PhD '19)
  • Peter Avitabile (Professor Mechanical Engineering UML DEng '98)
  • Javad Baqersad (Kettering University UML PhD ’15)
  • Christopher Niezrecki (Professor Mechanical Engineering)
  • Zhu Mao (Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering)
The papers presented for the Proceedings of the 38th International Modal Analysis Conference were:
  1. Modeling and Test Methodologies for Monitoring Cementless Femoral Stem presented by Tina Dardeno
  2. Full-Field FEM Dynamic Strain Response from a Sparse Strain Sensor Array presented by Tyler Doveno
  3. Strain Shape Expansion Applied to Optically Measured Data presented by Tyler Doveno
  4. Experimental Application of Boundary Condition Compensation Map presented by Brandon Zwink
  5. Force Reconstruction at Mechanical Interfaces presented by Deborah Fowler
  6. Shape-Constrained Input Estimation for Multi-Shaker Vibration Testing presented by Ryan Schultz
  7. Modal Damping Estimates from Modally Filtered Data using Log Dec presented by Deborah Fowler
  8. Boundary Condition Compensation Map (from Field to Lab Response) presented by Brandon Zwink
  9. Reconstruction of Nonlinear Contact Forces Beyond Limited Locations SVD Modal Filtering presented by Pat Logan
  10. Data Consistency Assessment Function (DCAF) presented by Yuanchang Chen
  11. A Non-Model Based Dynamic Expansion for Cylindrical Shell Structures presented by Yuanchang Chen
  12. Improve Optically Measured Strain Resp by Phase-Based Motion Mag presented by Tyler Doveno
  13. Implementation of Total Variation applied to Motion Magnification for Structural Dynamics Identification presented by Nick Valente
    Note: This paper won the honorable mention (2nd place) for the Best Paper on Computer Vision and Laser Vibrometry
  14. Phase-Based Displacement Extraction Using Printed Sinusoid Markers presented by Matt Southwick