Dan Inman, Wendy Crone, Zhu Mao and Mike Mains
Pictured from left are: Dan Inman, "Kelly" Johnson Collegiate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, Fellow of AIAA, ASME, IIAV, SEM and AAM; Wendy Crone, Karen Thompson Medhi Professor of the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, President and Fellow of the Society for Experimental Mechanics; Zhu Mao; and Mike Mains, Conference Director of IMAC, Associate Professor of Practice at University of Cincinnati.

By Amy Allen

Members of the SDASL Lab attended the 37th International Modal Analysis Conference at the end of January 2019. At the conference, ninr students presented papers along with other papers and presentations by faculty. 

The SDASL always makes a significant set of presentations at this international conference each year. Many of the papers spanned a wide range of topics currently under development in the SDASL for funded and unfunded projects including Eglin Air Force on Nonlinear Response Analysis, NSF Sustainable Energy Pathway for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing, NSF CMMI funded Novel Acoustics-based Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades, Naval Underwater Warfare Center Bragg Scattering research, Honeywell and Sandia Fixture Neutralization efforts, Redstone Arsenal work on Optical Dynamic Measurements and other projects. Many of the conference's attendees noted the high caliber of research and especially the quality student presentations at the conference. 

Many people in group shot
Pictured from left are Deborah Fowler, Murat Inalpolat, Tyler Doveno, Tim Marinone, Lou Thibault, Yuanchang Chen, Julie Harvie, Jesus Reyes, Dagny Joffre, Aral Saffari, Peter Avitabile, Javad Baqersad and wife, Dan Rohe, Chris Beale, Brandon Zwink and wife, Chris Niezrecki, Zhu Mao, Patrick Logan and Tina Dardeno.
During the conference, Zhu Mao also gave the very prestigious Sage Publishing Young Investigator Lecture entitled “Non-Contact Modal Testing and Uncertainty Quantification in Structural Dynamics Identification”.  Also, note that Zhu Mao received the Young Investigator Award from the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research in 2018 as well as the SEM D. J. DeMichele Scholarship Award in 2011.

In attendance were: Deborah Fowler (PhD candidate ’21), Murat Inalpolat (Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering), Tyler Doveno (MS candidate ’19), Tim Marinone (ATA Engineering - BS/MS ’12’), Lou Thibault (MIT-LL BSMS ’12), Yuanchang Chen (PhD candidate ‘19’), Julie Harvie (Sandia Labs - BSMS ’13’), Jesus Reyes (Visiting Professor UML PhD ‘16’), Dagny Joffre (PhD candidate ’19’), Aral Saffari (PhD candidate ‘19’), Peter Avitabile (Professor Mechanical Engineering UML PhD ‘98), Javad Baqersad and wife (Kettering University UML PhD ’15’), Dan Rohe (Sandia PhD candidate ’21), Chris Beale (PhD candidate ’19’), Brandon Zwink and wife (PhD candidate ’20), Chris Niezrecki (Professor Mechanical Engineering), Zhu Mao (Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering), Patrick Logan (PhD candidate ‘19’), Tina Dardeno (PhD candidate ‘19’) and Ryan Schultz (PhD candidate ‘19’).

The papers presented for the Proceedings of the 37th International Modal Analysis Conference were:

  • “Validation of Force Reconstruction for Linear and Nonlinear System Response” presented by P. Logan
  •  “Some Investigations of Nonlinear Time Response using Linear Modal Approximations” presented by D. Fowler
  • “Appropriate Excitation for Extraction of Modes” presented by C. Beale
  • “Self-Noise Reduction in Bragg Wavenumber Regions” presented by D. Joffre
  • “Chebyshev Polynomial Shape Expansion Point Distribution: Selection Sensitivity” presented by Y. Chen
  • “Dynamic Transient Time Response Expansion: Chebyshev Polynomial Approaches and Polynomial Contribution” presented by Y. Chen
  • “A Chebyshev Polynomial Approach for Data Quality Validation and Dynamic Time Response Expansion” presented by Y. Chen
  • “Use of High-Speed Cameras and Optically-Based Measurement Techniques for Determining Frequency Response Function of Structures” presented by T. Doveno
  • “Implementation of the Fixture Neutralization Methodology Using Data Physics Vibration Controller” presented by J. Reyes-Blanco
  • “Fixture Neutralization Method - Adjustment of Vibration Response to Account for Fixture-Test Article Dynamic Coupling Effects Using Measured Frequency Response Functions” presented by J. Reyes-Blanco
  • “Modeling and Test Methodologies for Monitoring Femoral Implant Insertion during Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty: Approach Development and Validation using a Press-Fit Cylinder Assembly” presented by T. Dardeno
  • “Modal Projection Matching” presented by B. Zwink
  • “Preliminary Investigation of an Acoustics-Based Structural Health Monitoring Technique Applied to Wind Turbine Blades” by C.Beale