Group shot of men in regalia
Peter Avitabile with the candidate and the committee (and is shown in the UML blue garments).

By Amy Allen

Promotor Prof. Dr. Ir. D.J. Rixen extended an invitation for Prof. Peter Avitabile to participate in the committee for the doctoral defense for the thesis entitled “Experimental Dynamic Substructuring Analysis and Design Strategies for Vehicle Development” by Maarten Vincent van der Seijs at the TU Delft in the Netherlands.

In addition to the TU Delft faculty there were several internationally known faculty from outside of TU Delft:

  • Andy Moorhouse, Professor of Engineering and Acoustics and Vibration from University of Salford Manchester in the UK;
  • Bert Roozen, Noise and Vibration Control from Katholic University (KUL) in Leuven, Belgium;
  • Peter Avitabile from the Structural Dynamics and Acoustic Systems Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (internationally known expertise in experimental structural dynamics substructuring).