Group of people
From left: Peyman Poozesh (PhD candidate ’17), Javad Baqersad (Kettering University UML PhD ’15), Tina Dardeno (PhD candidate '18), Jesus Reyes (PhD candidate '16), Dagny Joffre (PhD candidate '19) , Patrick Logan (PhD candidate '18), Aral Saffari (PhD candidate '19), Julie Harvie (Sandia Labs - BSMS '13), Prof. Peter Avitabile, Songmao Chen (PhD candidate '17), Yuanchang Chen (PhD candidate '19), Tim Marinone (ATA Engineering - BSMS '12), Prof. Chris Niezrecki, Ryan Schultz (PhD candidate '19 Sandia Labs), M.EydaniAsl (PhD candidate '17)

By Amy Allen

The SDASL Lab attended the 35th International Modal Analysis Conference where nine students presented papers along with other papers and presentations by faculty. The papers spanned a wide range of topics currently under development in the SDASL for funded and unfunded projects including Eglin Air Force on Nonlinear Response Analysis, NSF Sustainable Energy Pathway for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing, NSF CMMI funded Novel Acoustics-based Structural Health Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades and other projects. The SDASL Lab always makes a significant set of presentations at this international conference every year. Many attendees noted the high caliber of research and especially the quality student presentations at the conference.

The papers presented for the Proceedings of the Thirty-Fifth International Modal Analysis Conference were:

  • Estimation of the Dynamic Focused Ultrasound Radiation Force Generated by an Ultrasonic Transducer Paper ID : I142 presented by S. Chen
  • A Comparison of Computer-Vision-Based Structural Dynamics Characterizations Paper ID : I334 presented by A. Sarrafi
  • Validation of Time and Frequency Domain Methods for Calibration of Non-Contacting Force Excitation Paper ID : I32 presented by P. Logan
  • Comparative Study of Modal Characteristics Produced by Inertial Shakers and Traditional Modal Shakers Paper ID : I35 presented by D. Joffre
  • Adjustment of Vibration Response to Account for Fixture-Test Article Dynamic Coupling Effects Paper ID : I30 presented by J.M. Reyes
  • Underwater Dynamic Response at Limited Points Expanded to Full-Field Displacement Response Paper ID : I48 presented by Y. Chen
  • Similitude Analysis of the Frequency Response Function for Scaled Structures Paper ID : I256 presented by M. Eydani Asl
  • Using High Speed Stereo-Photogrammetry and Phased-Based Motion Magnification Techniques to Extract Operating Modal Data Paper ID : I156 presented by P. Poozesh
  • Modal Parameter Estimation using Blind Source Separation and Least Square Complex Frequency Domain Paper ID : I155 presented by P. Poozesh