Javad Baqersad with his advisers Chris Niezrecki and Peter Avitabile
Javad Baqersad with his advisers Chris Niezrecki and Peter Avitabile.

By Amy Allen

The SDASL Lab attended the 33rd International Modal Analysis Conference where seven students presented papers along with other papers and presentations by faculty. The papers ranged a wide variety of topics for projects currently underway in the lab for funded and unfunded projects including Eglin Air Force on Nonlinear Response Analysis and NSF Sustainable Energy Pathway for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing. The students did a great job presenting the material and many well-known seasoned conference attendees noted the high caliber of work going on at the university as well as the very professional presentations that were made. The IMAC Conference is one of the best attended conferences in the world related to analytical and experimental structural dynamic modeling. Below is the group pictured showing five current UML SDASL students along with recent graduates, alumni and faculty.

Along with a 1.5-hour tutorial given by Peter Avitabile on Experimental Modal Testing, these papers were presented for the proceedings of the 33rd International Modal Analysis Conference:

  • “Predicting Full-Field Strain on a Wind Turbine for Arbitrary Excitations Using Displacements of Optical Targets Measured with Photogrammetry Technique,” J.Baqersad, C.Niezrecki, P.Avitabile
  • “Prediction of Forced Response using Expansion of Perturbed Reduced Order Models with Inexact Representation of System Modes,” S.Obando, P.Avitabile
  • “Use of 3D Scanning Laser Vibrometer for Full Field Strain Measurements," J.Reyes, P.Avitabile
  • “Some Non-Conventional Modal Test Boundary Conditions,” T.Dardeno, P.Logan, P.Avitabile
  • “Predicting the Vibration Response in Subcomponent Testing of Wind Turbine Blades using Scaled Models," M.EydaniAsl, C.Niezrecki, J.Sherwood, P.Avitabile
  • “Nonlinear Forced Response on Ancillary Subsystem Components Attached to Reduced Linear Systems,” S.Obando , P.Avitabile
  • “Model Reduction of Hollow Equivalent Regions (MR-HER),” K.Truong , P.Avitabile
  • “A Computational Model to Investigate Influence of Spacing Errors on Spur Gear Pair Dynamics,” M.Inapolat 
It is very important to note that the first paper related to predicting full-field strain was awarded the Dominick DeMichele Scholarship to Javad Baqersad for his outstanding work presented in that paper.