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From left: Tim Marinone (ATA Engineering - BSMS '12), Sergio Obando (PhD candidate '15), Javad Baqersad (PhD candidate '15), Jon Salerno (Raytheon - BSMS '13), Jenn Carr (BAE Systems - BSMS '13), Bruce LeBlanc (Sandia Labs - BSMS ’11), Julie Harvie (Sandia Labs - BSMS ’13), Dana Nicgorski (Bosch – BSMS ’09), Kai Aizawa (Chou Univ. – visiting), Brian Huot (Chromalloy – BSMS ’04), Prof. Peter Avitabile and Prof. Chris Niezrecki.

By Amy Allen

The SDASL Lab attended the 32nd International Modal Analysis Conference where six students presented 10 papers. The papers ranged from a variety of topics on current student research related to both funded and unfunded projects for the DOE & NSF on Wind Turbine Structural Health Monitoring, Eglin Air Force on Nonlinear Response Analysis, NSF Sustainable Energy Pathway for Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing as well as additional work related to Capstone Design Shock Response Spectrum support projects and ongoing optical correlation methodologies. The students did a great job presenting the material and many well-known seasoned conference attendees noted the high caliber of work going on at the university as well as the very professional presentations that were made.

This is yet another successful SDASL conference outing that continues to showcase the outstanding work being done here at UMass Lowell. The group pictured at one of the IMAC Conference events showing several UML SDASL students, very recent graduates and alumni.

The papers presented for the Proceedings of the 32nd International Modal Analysis Conference were:

  • “An Improved Expansion Process for Guyan Reduced Models - Technique for Improved Guyan Expansion Reconstruction (TIGER)”, J.Harvie, P.Avitabile
  • “Shock Response Fixture Developed From Analytical and Experimental Data and Customized Using Structural Dynamics Modification Techniques”, K. Aizawa, P.Avitabile
  • "Full Field Dynamic Strain on Wind Turbine Blade Using Digital Image Correlation Techniques and Limited Sets of Measured Data from Photogrammetric Targets”, J.Carr, C.Niezrecki, P.Avitabile
  • “Effects of Boundary Conditions on the Structural Dynamics of Wind Turbine Blades. Part 1: Flapwise Modes”, J.Baqersad, C.Niezrecki, P.Avitabile
  • “Effects of Boundary Conditions on the Structural Dynamics of Wind Turbine Blades. Part 2: Edgewise Modes”, J.Baqersad, C.Niezrecki, P.Avitabile
  • “Computationally Efficient Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis For Stress/Strain Applications”, J.Harvie, P.Avitabile
  • “Comparison of Modal Parameters Extracted Using MIMO, SIMO, and Impact Hammer Tests on a Three-Bladed Wind Turbine”, J.Baqersad, P.Poozesh, C.Niezrecki, P.Avitabile
  • "Use of Zernike Polynomials for Modal Vector Correlation of Small Turbine Blades”, J.Salerno, P.Avitabile
  • “Prediction of Forced Response on Ancillary Subsystem Components Attached to Reduced Linear Systems”, S.Obando, P.Avitabile
  • “Hybrid EMA/OMA Data Collection/Reduction for Improved Modal Characterization”, S.Obando, P.Avitabile along with two separate one hour tutorials given by Chris Niezrecki and Peter Avitabile on Digital Image Correlation and Experimental Modal Testing.