You can help UMass Lowell become an engine of innovation and startups in the region with a contribution to New Ventures Initiative. Your contribution will directly support equity investments in startups commercializing UMass Lowell and university-related innovations. These funds will be used to provide pre-launch services, strategy, prototype development and investment opportunities to these innovations. Your proceeds will support future startup activity, providing UMass Lowell with a pathway to sustainable innovation.

What is NVI?

  • A mix of UMass Lowell resources and equity investment designed to facilitate more startup activity at the University.
  • A community of UMass Lowell alumni and friends whose core purpose is to support and promote entrepreneurship at UMass Lowell. 
  • Mentors, faculty and students who foster the growth of UMass Lowell companies and connect entrepreneurs with an interest in the University. 
  • Members have the opportunity to advise campus entrepreneurship initiatives, invest in the resulting startups, and ultimately advance UMass Lowell as one of the top entrepreneurial universities in the nation.

Why Should You Get Involved?

There’s an extraordinary, unrealized potential for University research to create new, life-improving industries, spark economic growth and solve society’s most pressing problems. With your help, UMass Lowell can meld its scholarly mission to advance human knowledge with the entrepreneurial spirit to commercialize discoveries, ideas and innovations. 


If you are looking to support and promote entrepreneurship at UMass Lowell, NVI is a great way to get involved. There are three options of engagement (pdf).  


  • Network with other UMass Lowell alumni, friends, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
  • Relationship-building with leading UMass Lowell researchers and NVI startup executives
  • Opportunities for campus tours and conversations with distinguished University faculty members and researchers
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are participating in a unique, innovative program--one of very few such programs in the nation


Your commitment will further advance the entrepreneurial culture at UMass Lowell. 

Commitment Letter (pdf)


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