Karoline Evans

Karoline Evans

Associate Professor

Manning School of Business

Research Interests

Organizational behavior, team dynamics, formal and informal leadership, social networks, innovation


  • Ph D: Organizational Behavior, (2016), Washington University - St. Louis, MO
  • MS: Organizational Behavior, (2013), Washington University - St. Louis, MO
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (2005), Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA


Karoline Evans earned her PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis. Karoline's research examines how team processes and dynamics affect performance, decision-making, and innovation for individuals and teams. Prior to completing her PhD, Karoline worked for Accenture’s R&D Lab where she developed innovation strategy and mobile technology, specializing in utilities industries. Karoline is currently teaching Negotiation Strategy and Process.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Executive Team Member, ADVANCE Office for Faculty Equity (2021) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Management Department, Manning School of Business (2021), Teaching - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • UML Pillars of Excellence Award – Global Engagement & Inclusive Culture (2019), Leadership - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Greenleaf Scholars Award (2012) - Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

Selected Publications

  • Sanner, B., Jange, D., Evans, K. (). A theoretical and empirical investigation into the effect of accreditation tenure and affiliation on distinctiveness. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, (Published Online Ahead of Print) 1-21.
  • Li, Y., Evans, K., Bond, M.A. (2023). Allies as Organizational Change Agents to Promote Equity and Inclusion: A Case Study (42:1 pp. 135-156). Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal
  • Evans, K., Greenway, D.A. (2023). Beyond Role Expectations: Gender, Leadership Emergence, and the Changing Nature of Work . In The Routledge Companion to Leadership and Change: Routledge, Taylor, & Francis Group
  • Montag-Smit, T. (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Evans, K. (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Smit, B.W. (Bentley University), Batz-Barbarich, C. (Lake Forest College) (2023). Why Pay Transparency Regulations Are a Strategic Management Opportunity. MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Sanner, B., Evans, K., Fernandez, D. (2022). Do Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures? The Effect of Crises on Performance Appraisals (35:3-4 pp. 218-240). Human Performance
  • Goswami, A., Evans, K., Coyle, P. (2022). Does follower role orientation impact leader-directed outcomes? An exploration of the indirect effects of follower role orientation on influence and leader effectiveness. Journal of Management & Organization
  • Evans, K., Sanner, B. (2022). Informal Hierarchy Strength Changes and Their Effect on Performance. Group & Organization Management , 47(5) 1042-1081.
  • Sanner, B., Evans, K. (2021). Do the words performance review scare you? Harvard Business Review.
  • Evans, K., Sanner, B., Chiu, C. (2021). Shared Leadership, Unshared Burdens: How Shared Leadership Structure Schema Lowers Individual Enjoyment Without Increasing Performance. Group and Organization Management.
  • Sanner, B., Evans, K. (2019). Deconstructing information elaboration: The critical role of framing and initial dialogue. Small Group Research, 50(4) 458--492.
  • Baer, M., Evans, K., Oldham, G.R., Boasso, A. (2015). The social network side of individual innovation A meta-analysis and path-analytic integration. Organizational Psychology Review, 5(3) 191-223.
  • Evans, K., Jang, D., Elfenbein, H.A. (2014). Motivation and emotion in multicultural psychology.
  • Baum, A., Evans, K. (2005). Modeling Concentrated Solution Transport and Accumulation in Steam Generator Tube Support Plate Crevices.

Selected Presentations

  • The Roles of Friendship and a Project Manager in Improving Retention Among First-Year Engineering Students. - American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference , June 2022
  • Examining the conditions under which co-producing followers influence leaders - Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Annual Conference, April 2022
  • Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Evaluations - Academy of Management Conference , August 2021
  • Navigating Workplace Culture: Combating Microaggressions - Center for Women & Enterprise Business Leaders Conference , October 2020
  • Can Followers Influence Leaders? Exploring a Role-Based View of Followership - Academy of Management Conference , August 2020

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Pilot Study of Participatory Research Protocols for Remote Delivery During the Pandemic (2020), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Punnett, L. (Principal), Evans, K. (Co-Principal), Nobrega, S. (Co-Principal)
  • The Effects of Transparency on Negotiation Initiation for Women and Men (2020), Grant - Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
    Montag-Smit, T. (Principal), Evans, K. (Co-Principal)
  • A Holistic Data Analytic Modeling of Health Outcomes for Different Vulnerable Risk Groups (2018), Grant - IDEA Leadership Fund
    Oztekin, A. (Principal), Knight, M. (Co-Principal), Evans, K. (Supporting), Summerfield, N. (Supporting), Lee, S. (Supporting), Ackerson, L.K. (Supporting),
  • The CARE Act: Processes Affecting the Community/Caregiver Perspective of Caring for Older Adults (2018), Grant - Manning School of Business and the Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
    Kronrod, A. (Supporting), Knight, M. (Principal), Evans, K. (Co-Principal), Summerfield, N. (Co-Principal), Abdallah, L.M. (Co-Principal), Oztekin, A. (Supporting)