How to Apply for Reduced Course Load (RCL) Authorization

Be sure to have the following steps completed PRIOR to submitting your RCL e-form:

  • Meet with your academic advisor to ensure you are eligible to apply for RCL
  • Register for the semester in which you are applying for RCL
  • Review the RCL Eligibility Requirements
  • Have your most recent Form I-94 in PDF format
  • Have your unofficial transcript in PDF format (should be accessed from SiS)

Undergraduate Students must complete the Reduced Course Load e-form.

Graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.) that are NOT Teaching or Researching Assistants (TA/RA) must complete the Reduced Course Load e-form.

Teaching and Research Assistant (TA/RA) Recipients are required to complete the Reduced Credit Approval (RCA)/RCL DocuSign Form. The following signatures are needed for TA/RA recipients: The Provost's Office, College Dean, Director of Graduate Student Services, and International Students & Scholars Office (ISSO) office.

Filing Timeline

Students must submit their RCL application no later than the first day of the semester in which they are applying for RCL. ISSO aims to process all RCL e-forms within 5-7 business days.