Job aid: completing the J-1 request e-form

screenshot of UMassVIP services login page, with Login button highlighted

Once the ISSO has determined that the person you would like to bring to UMass Lowell fits the J-1 Scholar category, you will receive an email from the ISSO Advisor working on your case. They will provide you with a temporary ID (TEMP ID) for the prospective scholar.

Step 1: Navigate to the UMassVIP Services Login Page.

Step 2: Click on "Login" under "Current Student, Faculty or Staff," and enter your UMass Lowell Faculty/Staff email credentials.

screenshot of UMassVIP departmental services page with "departmental services" hyperlink highlighted on left hand navigation; "UMass J1 Scholar" hyperlink is highlighted at bottom of center of page under "tasks" heading

Step 3: Upon successful login, you will be brought to the home page. Click on "UMass J-1 Scholar" under the "Departmental Services" tab on the left menu bar.

screenshot of page to lookup international record, with fields for university ID number, DOB, and "find record" button highlighted

Step 4: Enter required fields to enter the e-form group. The scholar's ID # should have been sent to you via email from your ISSO Advisor.

Step 5: The form will appear with a checklist of items. You should click on "J-1 Scholar Information".

screenshot of list of eforms to be completed by department

Step 6: Enter the scholar's name and email. This prompts an email sent to the scholar, instructing them to complete a biographical information e-form.

screenshot of scholar bio information page

Step 7: Next, complete Program Information and Export Control.

screenshot of umass j1 scholar page with program information and export controls eforms highlighted

Step 8: Upon submission of the Export Controls e-form, and once the J-1 Scholar has completed their part of the e-form, the set of e-forms will be routed to Tom Porro, Export Control Manager, for review.

screenshot of email that will be received once Tom Porro approves the export controls; the subject line begins with "UPDATED: Export Controls"

Step 9: Once the Export Control Manager has reviewed and approved, you will receive an email that requires your attention. The title of the email is: "UPDATED: Export Control for SCHOLAR NAME". Upon receiving this email, please click on the hyperlink provided.

screenshot of department certifications eform in istart with fields to be completed

Step 10: Log back into the system, navigate to the e-form group (Departmental Services > UMass J-1 Scholar > Enter scholar's information to access the e-form group) and complete the "Department Certifications" e-form. Please pay close attention to the section of the form titled "Department or HR Approval" - under this section, please enter the following information so the form is appropriately routed to Patrick Trouve, HR Immigration & Compliance Specialist for review:

Step 11: Patrick Trouve will receive the form. Upon HR review, the form will be routed to ISSO for final review and DS-2019 processing!