Alicia McCarthy

Alicia M McCarthy

Laboratory Specialist; Adjunct Faculty

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI); Department of Public Health
Boott Mills


Toxics Use Reduction; Cleaners & Disinfectants; Manufacturing techniques; Molecular microbiology; Cell Culture; Tissue Engineering


M.S.: Molecular & Cellular Biotechnology, (2022), University of New Hampshire
M.S.: Work Environment, Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, (2017), University of Massachusetts Lowell
B.S: Environmental Health, (2015), University of Massachusetts Lowell

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Most Valuable Student (2016), National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR)

  • Volicer Award (2015), University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Public Health

Selected Publications

  • Morose, G., Marshall, J., & McCarthy, A. (2020). Identification of Safer Alternatives to Trichloroethylene (TCE) for Industry Cleaning Applications in Minnesota. TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Institute). Lowell: University of Massachusetts.

  • Morose, G., Marshall, J., McCarthy, A., Harripersaud, V., & Giarrosso, A. (2017). Assessment of safer and effective alternatives to methylene chloride for paint stripping products. Lowell: TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Institute), University of Massachusetts.

  • Bello, A., McCarthy, A., & Bello, D. (2017). Spray Polyurethane Foam and Sustainable Construction: Challenges and Opportunities. In International Sustainability Stories: Enhancing Good Practices (pp. 41-55). Copenhagen, Denmark: Issuu. Retrieved from

Selected Presentations

  • Drive to Zero: Industry Case Studies and Current Research to Replace Halogenated Solvents - Part Cleaning Conference, April 2023 - Cleveland, OH

  • Dangerous Chemicals and the Reduction of Toxic Products in Manufacturing With Joel Tickner and Alicia McCarthy - Finding Genius Podcast, April 2021 - Podcast

  • Safer Alternatives and Cleaning Methods - Parts Cleaning Conference, April 2019 - Cleveland, OH

  • Chemical Hazard Resources: Where and How to Use Them - Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference, June 2018 - Portland, OR
    Critical Evaluation of Greenscreen® Benchmark 1 Chemicals to Identify Alerts - Society for Chemical Hazard Communication Conference, April 2016 - FL

Research Currently in Progress

Evaluation and performance testing of safer active ingredients in disinfectants and disinfecting devices on various bacteria, yeast, and bacteriophage to replace hazardous disinfectants like bleach and quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs).
Alternative assessment testing and implementation for manufacturing cleaning and disinfection applications to replace halogenated solvents and other hazardous chemicals.