Alex Clinton

Alex Clinton

Ph.D. Student, Applied Psychology and Prevention Science

Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Research Interests

Positive/Negative empathy; Implicit bias; Prejudice reduction; Intervention development


B.A., Psychology/Philosophy (2017), Fairfield University


Alex graduated from Fairfield University in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and is currently enrolled in the Applied Psychology and Prevention Science (APPS) doctoral program at UML. Alex's main research interests are focused in studying positive and negative empathy, outgroup bias, and developing effective intervention strategies for reducing negative health outcomes. He is currently working with Jiabin Shen, Ph.D., in the Pediatric Injury Research Lab and Robin Toof, Ed.D., in the Center for Community Research Engagement on campus conducting applied research in partnership related to his interests.

Selected Publications

Clinton, A. J., & Pollini, R. A. (2021). Using positive empathy interventions to reduce stigma toward people who inject drugs. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 2836