Xiaoqi (Jackie) Zhang is a professor in the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UMass Lowell.

Xiaoqi (Jackie) Zhang, Ph.D.


Shah Hall


Wastewater Treatment

Research Interests

Renewable energy, emerging contaminants (i.e., CNTs) and environmental application of nanotechnology, nutrients removal, stormwater management, biofilm structure and properties (e.g., EPS)


Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Cincinnati, 1999; M.S. Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University (Beijing), 1994; B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tongji University (Shanghai), 1989


Xiaoqi (Jackie) Zhang, Ph.D. has led or participated in many research and educational projects through grants from NSF, EPA, USGS, Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence, New England Transportation Consortium, and Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center. The projects range from generating biogas from algal biomass and septage, evaluating the impact of CNTs on wastewater treatment processes using both a biofilm system and an activated sludge process, introducing nanotechnology to undergraduate curriculum through hands-on laboratory modules, phosphorus removal from septage using iron reducing bacteria, phosphorus removal from confined animal feeding operations by forming struvite, introducing service-learning activities into her classrooms to enhance students’ learning, evaluating the effectiveness of stormwater best management practices, and examining the structure and properties of biofilms through extensive study of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS).