Sheree Pagsuyoin

Sheree A. Pagsuyoin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Francis College of Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Center for Pathogen Research & Training (CPRT), SWIMMER
Shah Hall 210G


Environmental fate of emerging contaminants; Low-cost water treatment; Environmental systems modeling


  • Ph D: Civil and Environmental Engineering, (2010), University of Virginia - Charlottesville, VA
  • MSc: Environmental Engineering, (2005), University of the Philippines - Manila, Philippines
  • BSc: Chemical Engineering, (2000), University of the Philippines - Manila, Philippines

Selected Publications

  • Pagsuyoin SA, Santos JR (Accepted, 2021) Modeling Regional Impacts and Resilience to Water Service Disruptions in Urban Economies. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science.
  • Santos JR, Yip C, Thekdi S, Pagsuyoin SA (2020). Workforce, Economy, Infrastructure, Geography, Hierarchy, and Time (WEIGHT): Reflections on the Plural Dimensions of Disaster Resilience. Risk Analysis 40(1): 43-67.
  • Pagsuyoin SA, Santos JR, Salcedo G, Yip C (2019) Spatio-Temporal Drought Risk Analysis Using GIS-based Input Output Modeling In Modeling Spatial and Economic Impacts of Disasters; Y Okuyama and Rose A, editors; Springer; 375-397.
  • Pagsuyoin SA, Luo J, Latayan J (2019) Temporal Trends in Opioids-Related Overdose Deaths and Prescription Rates in Massachusetts. IEEE SIEDS. DOI: 10.1109/SIEDS.2019.8735614
  • Pagsuyoin SA, Luo J, Bello D (2019) Detection of Stimulant Drugs in Sewage and Community Consumption of Stimulant Drugs in Northeastern United States In Wastewater-based Epidemiology: Estimating Community Consumption of Drugs and Diets; B Subedi, editor; American Chemical Society; 167-183
  • Hosseinzadeh Z, Pagsuyoin SA, Kumaraswamy P, Monem M (2017) Decision-making in Irrigation Networks: Selecting Appropriate Canal Structures Using Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis. Science of the Total Environment 601: 177-185.
  • Couperus NP, Pagsuyoin SA, Bragg L, Servos M (2016) Occurrence and distribution of antimicrobials in a mixed-use watershed. Science of the Total Environment 541: 1581-1591.
  • Pagsuyoin SA, Lung WS, and Colosi LM (2012) Predicting Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds Concentrations in a River Mixing Zone. Chemosphere 87: 1111-1118