UMass Lowell Police Department

North and South Campus Power Plants store and use #6 fuel oil to heat and provide energy for the University campuses. This fuel oil is stored in large quantities in underground storage tanks located adjacent to each Power Plant. Oil is delivered to the university by 7,000-gallon capacity tanker trucks on an as-needed basis. An oil spill could primarily occur when the fuel is being off-loaded or due to a failure of an underground storage tank.

Upon notification of a release of #6 fuel oil from the North or South Campus Power Plant immediate notification to appropriate personnel is required to ensure that immediate spill response and proper notification to agencies (if required) is conducted.

Role of the University Police Department

* Information needed from the caller:

  • Name and title
  • Location of spill
  • Any injuries occurred
  • Amount of oil released (approximately)
  • Existing conditions (e.g. spill is secured, boom in place, etc.)

University Police shall:

  • Send police unit to assist in securing the area.
  • Contact Environmental and Emergency Management (EEM) at x2618.
  • Call EEM Director, Richard Lemoine: cell 978-265-2661.
  • Contact the Power Plant Engineer, Jim Rayner: cell 978-375-8195.
  • Contact Facilities Manager, Dave Kiser: cell 978-375-8193.

NOTE: All home phone numbers for above listed personnel are on file with police dispatch.

NOTE: If EEM personnel could not be contacted:

  • Call Clean Harbors Inc. at 1-800-OIL-TANK for spill response.
  • Call Lowell Fire Department at 978-458-4588 and inform.

Listed are vendors, response companies and agencies that may be required during a release and clean up of an oil spill. The EEM office should contact these companies. These numbers are provided as additional information as to ensure that if communication is unavailable to EEM personnel, the University Police will have an effective means to coordinate, with UMass Lowell Power Plant personnel, an appropriate response.

Contacts, Vendors and Agencies
Clean Harbors Inc.1-800-OIL-TANKBrian Chapman
Lowell Fire Department978-458-4588Main Desk
Lowell Fire Prevention978-459-5554John Vail
Grainger (spill supplies)1-800-225-5994George Lyons
Day Associates (spill supplies)978-957-4519Fran or Steve
D.E.P.617-932-7600Spill Notification Office
Saints Memorial Hospital978-458-1411Emergency Room
Trinity Ambulance Co.978-441-9999